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Hazardous Materials Package Testing

If you are in the business of manufacturing or distributing potentially hazardous materials for the medical or other industries, federal law requires that your packaging be thoroughly tested so as to not pose a public threat either during transport or during routine handling. 

A reputable package testing company will be an invaluable partner in helping you to meet strict safety standards while also being a responsible business. Here are some ways that package testing procedures can be of service to you.

Compliance: No doubt you need to meet certain specifications, contracts and regulations. Testing will ensure that your packaging is in compliance or whether it isn't. There are a variety of test types that will help determine compliance such as drop, shock, compression, tension, vibration, and so forth. The types of tests performed will depend on the likely stressors that may affect your particular product.

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Data: Testing provides valuable data for your in-house quality assurance goals as well as future engineering and product development ventures.

Comparison: If you are considering several different packaging options, package testing methods provide a means for contrasting and comparing your choices. Conducting extensive testing before making a choice can lead to substantial savings in terms of both time and money.

Evidence: Should you ever be named in a lawsuit involving product liability, testing records provide crucial evidence that demonstrates responsibility in your choice of packaging. You want to always make sure every base is covered from A to Z.

Beyond the requirements of contracts, guidelines and laws governing the transportation and handling of hazardous products, performing proper package testing is a responsible business practice that pays off for everyone involved.