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Creativity Defaults: How Are You Unknowingly Limiting Your creativity?

What would you think if someone told you that your creativity was being severely limited and you didn't even know it? You can also visit  if you want to get more information.

One of the following options might be used to respond:

1. It is possible to deny it indignantly by saying:

"That's absurd, it's not. I don't want to be that way. I love creating, so why would I limit myself? ".

2. You might say:

"Ok, sometimes I restrict myself when I feel less confident or negative about something". This is something that we can all relate to at times.

3. It's unlikely but it might happen.

"I am aware of my limits and know how to limit them. I will stop right away. "

Hence, it is almost certain that you will reply to this question with either answer 1 or 2. And not 3

Because you don't realize how and when you limit yourself and the subtle, almost imperceptible ways in which these limitations can manifest.

This analogy will help you understand the situation better:

I use my word processor to open a blank document when I'm ready to start writing a new article. My word processor has been set up to default fonts, sizes, margins, and other settings to make it easier for me to write. I'm able to get right into writing without any distractions.