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Wedding Cakes Planning Guide In Canada

Before even looking for a cake designer, the ideal thing to do is your own research on what your expectations are for the wedding cake. 

Find wedding cakes online, browse wedding magazines and cake books can help you to find the best bakery products in Canada. You can also cut out these images and formulate how you want your cake to look. Now that you have many options for your wedding cake, it is time to start exploring cake designers. 

Take the time to interview aspiring cake designers in your area. You can usually do an online search to find potential candidates in your area. You will often find websites that can give you a little more information about the designer. 

But then you need to make an appointment to interview the cake designer. That way, you can ask any questions and see cake samples that might interest you.

Cake design of your choice: Once you've met with all of your cake designers, choose which designer will meet all or most of your needs. Once the designer is selected, you need to tell them exactly what you want the cake to look like. 

Once you've made all the decisions regarding your cake, it's all in the hands of the designer. Try not to worry too much about the wedding cake. 

Depending on how much you pre-agreed with your cake designer, call a week or so before your wedding to confirm the cake order with your designer. Once you've done that, all you have to do is wait to cut the delicious wedding cake.