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What Are The Different Hair Accessories

Hair holds a very important place in someone's appearance. A tidy and catchy hairdo creates a great impact on someone's image or personality. There is a wide range of accessories available to get various trendy and out of the box looks. You can buy the best hair accessories from

hair accessories

Here is a list of hair accessories and possible alternative stylings for you:

  • Jaw Clip or Clutch Clip

Jaw clip, as the name suggests has two sides with multiple rows of intersecting mini sticks together which locks up the hair. It is best suitable for long hair, to tie up and keep out of your way. 

Using this is really easy. You just need to brush your hair back into a ponytail, grasp firmly and then twist it down a bit and then lift it up. Finally set the jaw clip along with the twist. Get your hairstyling services and other beauty services by any online beauty salon, using various catchy clutch clips.

  • Combs Clips or French Combs

Combs clips or French combs are small plastic clips which look like a comb. You insert it into your hair to lock it into place. You usually put such clips in backwards and upside down, such that when flipped over they lock the hair strands tightly in place. 

  • Stretch Comb Clips

A stretch comb clip is somewhere in between combs and hair bands. They are like giant hairband having comb bristles that stretch around your head.

  • Banana Clips

A banana clip usually remains closed at one end and the other end is used to lock up hair. It's typically used to secure updos. It is suitable for medium length to long hair, be it of any texture.