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Learn More About ERISA Wrap Plan Document Services

ERISA is a federal law that governs group-sponsored benefits, commonly called welfare benefit programs. Apart from requiring specific benefits and financial details, the law requires employers to follow strict guidelines for disclosing the plan's details to all employees who are eligible.

Employers who offer healthcare or other welfare-related benefits should decide on the best method to record benefits in order to ensure legal compliance as well as to efficiently inform employees. 

Employers that offer insurance benefits must be aware of any missing ERISA requirements in their insurance documents. Sometimes, using the "wrap document" to combine benefits in one plan or add insurance documents to the mix is simpler for employers. Get more information through on erisa wrap plan document.

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Plans Documents Compliance Insurance Plans 

Particular plan document compliance requirements are required for insurance plans. Insurance companies generally do not write contracts with ERISA document requirements in mind since their main goal is to comply with the applicable laws governing insurance. 

This is why insurance policies typically don't include all the provisions necessary for ERISA plan documents. They also do not always safeguard the plan administrator and the sponsor. The best solution is to mix the insurance documents and the "wrap" documents.

Plan Document Compliance with Other Contracts with Third Parties

Similar plans document requirements are in place when benefits of the plan are offered under an agreement with a third person other than an insurance company. For instance, the benefits of numerous Employee Assistance Plans (EAPs) are made available by contract that is signed with service providers from third parties.