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Guidelines For Installing Septic Tanks

Before embarking on any form of septic tank installation, certain guidelines must be followed. These guidelines are set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA guides the proper installation and management of septic tanks.

The main reason for this guideline is to ensure that the water quality in our local communities is protected from contamination. So the long-term objective of the EPA is to make sure that the septic system’s integrity is maintained for a long time, at least 20 years. Our health depends on it. You can also look for professionals via for the installation of septic tanks.

The regulation states that license personal must be the only people who service or install a septic tank system. To ensure that local codes or guidelines are being followed, homeowners who want to start a new installation at the site must obtain permission from their sanitarian local county health department or building department regulations.

Concrete has become the norm to build a septic system for a long time. However, plastic tanks are now the preferred choice because it is more durable, easier to handle, lighter, and usually have a longer shelf life.

The rules state that septic tanks should be a little far from home, far from sources of drinking water, and there are some required distance away from neighboring properties.

Regulations state that the tank system should be built underground to a certain depth and should be built in a certain depth of topsoil.