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Benefits and Features of Commercial Dishwashers

While sinks can be a great way of washing dishes, a commercial dishwasher is the best. It uses less water and is more efficient than a sink. Learn more about commercial dishwashers and how they could be integrated into your kitchen if your restaurant struggles to keep up with the dishes. 

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Dimensions of racks

A rack is the primary measurement unit for commercial dishwashers. While racks may have different interior skeletons and dimensions, their exteriors are usually 20"x20", which can be used in many styles of dishwashers.

Different types of dishwashers

There are many dishwashers available for commercial use. These can be customized to fit your needs. You may need a smaller dishwasher than a business with a higher turnover rate and more kitchen space.

Door Type

This setup is suitable for those who use a dish-pit setup to wash dishes. The door-type unit can wash 80 racks an hour. After the rack is in the chamber, the worker opens the door to slide it into the chamber. The worker then takes the rack out after the cycle has been completed.


A conveyor dishwasher is a machine that moves the racks through the washing cycle. Units can handle 200 racks an hour, while larger units can handle up to 400 racks an hour.


The conveyor-style unit can hold up to 8,000 dishes an hour. The conveyor belt transports the dishes to the washing machine.


This washer is limited to a single rack, but a commercial dishwasher can handle up to 35 racks an hour. This makes it ideal for a bar or a drink stand. Similar to your home dishwasher.