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Building Muscles Fast With a Speed Ladder

Speed muscles are fast-twitch fibers inside the muscles. Using a speed ladder is a great way to develop fast-twitch fibers. An agility ladder, or speed ladder, is simply placed on the floor to allow athletes to perform a variety of exercises aimed at building speed muscles or fast-twitch fibers. The more of this type of muscle fiber the faster, quicker, and more agile the athlete will be.

There are more than 20 different speed exercises that can be used with a speed ladder, all of which help develop fast-twitch muscles. The drills range from lateral movement side steps to front steps with staggered movement. You can buy speed ladders online.

Each exercise requires fast, explosive movements. These movements are responsible for the development of rapidly contracting muscle fibers.

Agility ladder training programs have seen gains in forty-yard dash times and shuttle times. Add a little resistance training or speed training to the programs and the athlete should see phenomenal results.

An athlete will also benefit from this type of training. The track athlete will be able to get off the blocks faster and that translates into fast sprint times. The ideal training for speed will include a speed ladder, but also complete training for speed and flexibility, good nutrition and diet, and proper core training will maximize the athlete's results.