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All about the CE marking Certificate In UK

For some products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA), it is a mandatory requirement that they have a sign of CE. CE tagging represents the manufacturer's declaration that its products are safe to environmental health, safety, and protection for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

This not only applies to products sold in the EU but also to products produced or designed for sale in EEA. CE marking is not a requirement for each product traded in the EEA. This only applies to products that are subject to relevant directives. You can consider the ukca symbol for the approval of selling products in the market.

Mandatory requirements for related CE and sales issues from each product in the European Economic Area are the declaration of EU suitability. With this declaration, manufacturers such as Auer signals, confirm that the products they put into free circulation with health and safety requirements of all relevant European directives.

If a product has a CE sign attached, it also shows that the manufacturer has conducted conformity assessment and regulates the appropriate technical documentation and the declaration itself. Manufacturers must have these documents and make them available for authority on request. Auer signals also make this information available for all customers on the company's website.

The EU conformity declaration can be found on each page about a product, for example on the page about the EHL multi-tone alarm sounder, and it can always be downloaded from the website.

As manufacturers of signaling devices, security play an important role in signals. All products are certified according to the requirements that apply throughout the EU. Customers can recognize this with a CE sign on the product, which is the appropriate conformity declaration available.