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Why isn’t tree trimming a DIY job?

There are millions of homeowners in Australia who take pride in doing their own thing, especially when it comes to lawn and tree care.

They planted trees, they water the trees, they grow trees, they love trees and now that the trees have started to look giant and they may need to be cut down a bit. They think this would be easy enough to do, but the truth is, you need a professional tree cutting service for this. Let's talk about why they are wrong.

Injuries are common in tree trimming

There are many safety issues in tree trimming that you need to be concerned about when gardening or trimming shrubs. For example, operating a chainsaw, even without cutting anything, is more dangerous than almost anything you can do on a knee brace with a shovel in hand.

Improper tree pruning can cause property damage

Generally, when you decide that you need to get rid of a bunch of tree limbs, it's because they threaten to destroy houses or other nearby structures that seem valuable to you. Professional tree pruners come with task-specific equipment and specialized equipment that allows them to get the job done safely.

Keep trees healthy

Here's the real catch though – maybe if you're trimming the tree, it's because you don't want to remove it. But pruning can do a lot of damage to trees! If you are not sure what you are doing, you could end up putting unnecessary stress on the trees and affecting their ability to resist pests and diseases in the future.