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What Tools Not to Use for Asbestos Removal?

asbestos Newcastle removal

First of all, you shouldn’t plan for removing asbestos by yourself. There are good reasons for considering professionals to do the job. One aspect of the job is using the right tools and approaches. So, before dealing with the asbestos removal job, you should know the right tools and, importantly, which ones not to use.

Here are some tools that shouldn’t be used to remove asbestos.

Compressed Air

  • Any tool that uses high-pressure water such as jet spray
  • Power tools that work at high speeds such as saws, drills, angle grinders, sanders
  • Equipment such as brooms can release asbestos fibre in the air

Use basic tools only when:

  • The tools and equipment are enclosed when they are in use
  • The tools and equipment are used in the intended method to capture or suppress asbestos safely

Safety Measures for Asbestos Removal

  • Work in a good ventilated area such as outdoor if possible
  • Keep the material wet through light sprays before, during removal, and transportation
  • Pull out hardware such as nails first as this helps in removing sheets with less breakage
  • Use non-powered hand tools like a guillotine, hand saw, or hand-powered drills as they create less coarse waste dust and chips than power tools
  • Reduce cutting or breakage of materials having asbestos
  • Carefully put sheets on your ground surface followed by slowly covering them with thick polythene layers on the sheets of asbestos

While removing asbestos yourself isn’t advised, this guide can help you select the right professionals for Newcastle asbestos removal. Further, you can oversee and ensure the removal process is done the right way.