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What Causes Gum Disease

In a nut shell – plaque. Plaque is the invisible, sticky bacterial film that grows on your teeth. Plaque is fed by starch and sugars from your meals. The more carbohydrates you eat the more plaque you create and the more you raise the risk for gum disease and dental decay.You need to consult with dentist by click here now.

Thankfully appropriate tooth brushing removes plaque. But if you do not brush long enough or even the plaque remains on your teeth where it strains and makes thicker and more competitive bacteria start to multiply. Plaque irritates your gums and leads to inflammation and bingo you have gum disease.

Plaque that sits in your teeth for over a day or 2 starts to harden under your gum line to form tartar, which we call calculus in the trade. Tartar is like having dirt under your fingernails, you need more than a hand wash to get the dirt out so it follows that you want a toothbrush to remove tartar.

To remove tartar you want a specialist clean. Tartar acts as a breeding ground for more bacteria, such as a dirty splinter under the skin it creates inflammation that cannot cure until the splinter is removed and the same is applicable to your gums, they will not improve until the pore is cleaned away from the dentist.