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The Ultimate Guide to Reusable Wipes

Many people are familiar with cloth nappies and how avoiding disposables are better for the planet and your pocket. Baby wipes are something you may not hear as often, however.

Single-use baby wipes, just like disposable nappies, are common in homes with young children. Disposable wet wipes, like disposable nappies, can cause significant financial and environmental damage.

We're here for you if you have never used reusable baby wipes or find the idea daunting. We are going to tell you why bamboo recyclable wipes (also known as “resirkulerbare bambusservietter” in the Norwegian language) make such a great choice!

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Reusable nappies: Why should you use them?

Perhaps you just came across this article, and aren't sure why reusable wipes would be a good idea. Let's look at why we believe they are better than disposable wipes.

They do a better job

Cloth wipes are our favorite. They do a better job, we think.

Disposable wipes can be thin, so you end up grabbing more and more of the packet. Reusable wipes, on the other hand, are made of a thicker fabric so they do a better job using fewer wipes.

Cost Savings

Although baby wipes are not cheap, they can be very costly over the lifetime of your child's life.

If they are well looked after, reusable wipes can be reused multiple times. Although you will need to add extra washing costs, the wipes are small enough to be washed with regular loads.