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How Does Commercial Laundry Run?

Are you a business owner who has to clean and iron staff uniforms on a weekly basis or on a daily basis? Or do you own a Bed and Breakfast, restaurant, or hotel that requires fresh linen every day? If you do, then you most likely use commercial laundry services. What makes one tick? Is it worth buying commercial laundry equipment and setting up your laundry at home? It may be worth it to set up your own laundry. 

It is all about speed. When it comes to commercial laundry, it is all about speed. The faster laundry is washed, dried and folded, the more money it can make. A machine that fails to work properly can result in less washing and less income. Everything is set up to speed. You can call or email us to discuss a customized laundry program for your business.

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Washing machines are designed to wash clothes quickly and efficiently while using as little water as possible. This is because they have high laundry volumes, which means that water is an outgoing expense. They also use high-capacity tumble dryers that are smart and sensible when washing is done and shut off to conserve energy.

The heating of the tumble dryers and washing machines takes place using gas, not electricity. This is partially for cost efficiency, but also because it's cheaper. Gas for heat heats up instantly. There is no waiting for the heat buildup to occur, so there is no need for it to be slow. The dryer the clothes dry faster, the more laundry you can do.