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Captains Twin Bunk Bed With Storage

Apart from the glamour that bed comes with, there is not much that it offers. The twin beds with storage are designed with several features added to it. When space is the issue one can consider buying storage bed & captains bed. Along with saving the floor space, these beds are appropriate as they have additional storage areas like cabinets and drawers attached to it.

Packed with drawers to offer enough storage space for the bed owner, this bed comes in handy for many people.  The drawers are built with roller glides which make their use so easy.

Storage Bed and Captains bed

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There is a cabinet into which the drawers are built and this cabinet very smoothly slides from under the bed.

These twin beds with storage are also designed with the trundle bed which means that you practically have two beds within one. If you are looking to have a guest sleepover you can actually have them enjoy a comfortable sleep with the trundle bed. 

This bed also comes in handy for families that might want to have separate beds for their children but having the beds close to each other. It gives the children room to have their own beds while staying close to one another. 

Having this bed helps to cut down on the space used up by the extra bed. Instead of having a full bed added to the bedroom, you can simply have this trundle and you will still enjoy the benefits of having two beds without suffering the downside of having an over-packed bedroom.

Since the drawers are built into the cabinet, there is a convenient sliding action due to roller glides attached to it.