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The Versatile Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

This article is about the blackmagic pocket cinema camera by Blackmagic Design, a high-end digital cinema camera. The introduction to this article covers the different features and specifications of the blackmagic pocket camera, as well as details about how it is used in production and distribution for television. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera: Design and Features

The blackmagic pocket cinema camera is a compact digital video camera that can be used for wide-angle, long-take shots, Steadicam shooting, crane shots and other cinematic techniques. You can also buy best video camera in Singapore online.

The design of the blackmagic pocket camera includes three main parts: the body (the front), the handle (the center) and the eyepiece (the rear). It has a weight of 1.9 kg without batteries installed and is 20 cm in length with 3 cm in width and height.

The body of this digital video camera has an aluminum chassis on which several sensors are placed to capture color information from the screen with an accuracy of up to Delta-E less than two. The body also features a 5.0” LCD display of 1080p resolution and it is possible to connect an optional monitor for a view from the rear or side.

The information stored in the camera can be saved in RAW format, which allows you to post-process or edit your footage in a variety of ways. The camera is compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony and Sony Alpha cameras as well as with most other third party lenses.

Blackmagic Design BMCC4K New 4K Camera

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– 20 Megapixel 4K Raw Video Recorder and Digital Cinema Camera

– Includes Matte Box Adapter & Stereo MicrophoneStabilized 3x Optical Zoom with Dual Super 35mm Canon EF Lenses