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Search Engine Optimization Uses Good Methods, Not Tricks

Are you confused, befuddled, and frustrated over SEO? Or are you like I was not all that long ago — wondering "What the heck is SEO?"

Just in case — it's search engine optimization, and if you do it, the search engines will rank you higher, so your future customers can find you. To get more details about How does search engine optimization work? you may see it here.



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Things you should know about SEO

The trouble is, there is too much advice out there about it. And much of it is bad advice. Some of it assures you that you, as a reasonably intelligent person, can not possibly optimize your page yourself.

You need experts who know the tricks that can fool the search engines. Not good. Remember the old margarine ads that said "It isn't nice to fool Mother Nature?" 

Well, Google and the others can be just as vengeful as Mother Nature when you try to fool them. In fact, if you try too hard and too obviously, they'll boot you from their rankings.

After all, if you "stuff" your site with keywords and it does get you a top ranking until Google figures out what you've done, what good is it if the copy makes your visitors click away? Not much, I'd say.

If you can't find anyone to link to you, set up a blog and link to yourself. Or create another website for a specific part of your business, or post on other people's blogs. Get creative and use the methods that create good SEO.