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You might have observed scooter bars available in various diameters. To comprehend this, you need to understand that there are various styles that headset compression. 

There are three primary compression types, and they will determine the diameter of the bar you require. You can buy stunt scooter handlebars at low prices online via


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The first is IHC compression. It is pulled down into forks to compress the headset, and then the bars are attached to the top in this simple and well-known style.

The HIC compression is the second. HIC is similar to IHC in that it uses the same process as IHC, but before sliding the bars over the top, an enormous shim is tucked over the fork.

Finally, there's SCS compression. The lower half of the clamp is used to hold the headset and forks in place, while the upper portion of the clamp is used to retain the bars.

There are two primary sizes, regular and large. This refers to the outside dimensions of the downtube, which connects with the other parts part of the bike. Standard bars have an exterior diameter of 31.8mm while the oversized bars measure 34.9mm. 

Bars can also be found in various materials, including aluminum, alloy, and titanium. Alloy is the most commonly used and affordable option and aluminum bars provide an advantage in weight reduction and titanium bars tend to be lighter however they usually carry more expensive prices.

Another important thing to consider is that there's more to take into consideration than how much weight is contained in the product.