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The Right Vacation Rental Makes For a Drama-Free Family Outing in Switzerland

Private or company property in Switzerland

Private vacation homes are much cheaper than management companies in Switzerland. However, they do not have the same advantages as company-owned real estate. 

While there are managers and property owners who want to include viewing services in the deal, don't expect everyone to join in. If you are looking for security features, company-owned properties offer 24-hour preview and maintenance in case of problems with the property. You can also find the best property management services in Switzerland through Airhosted

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Always looking for more photos

Some sites keep photos to a minimum according to subscription options. However, it is necessary to look for many photos of the property. These drawings must contain specific visualizations of the interior and exterior of the property.

Specific by request

If a property interests you, it's important to be very specific in your question. Ask detailed questions about almost everything from kitchen appliances to bedrooms and nearby amenities to possible damage to furniture. This is usually done via email. And if the owner or manager takes the time to respond, take it as a red flag and move on to the next property.

See yourself

No, you don't have to go to the actual location of the vacation rental. Instead, you can verify yourself via Google Map. Fortunately, many rental hosting websites now have Google maps that will show you the exact location of your property. You can also take a look at Google Street View, which can be very useful for getting a closer look at a property's neighborhood.

Be careful when paying rent

Never opt for a money transfer service, use your credit card whenever possible. There are even many vacation rental owners in Switzerland who accept PayPal payments. To make sure your property isn't confiscated when you get there, you should book as close to your vacation date as possible.