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The Best Types of Gold To Buy in Switzerland

Bars are one of the best ways to store gold. Bars can be stored in very small places like a safety deposit container. It is also one of the most affordable forms of gold. Dollar for dollar, gram for gram, gold bullion bars have lower premiums over gold's spot price.

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     Gold Rounds

The gold rounds, also known as medals, are a compromise between gold coins and gold bars. Although gold rounds look like coins, they don't cost nearly as much as government-issued coins. The size and purity of gold rounds are generally the same as those found with gold coins.

Gold rounds are a great way to add a collectible aspect to your gold products. Collectors will find that many of the mints today that produce gold bars make limited-edition gold coins. Themes can be anything from comic book heroes and classic movies to presidents or popes.

     Gold Coins

The gold round and a coin of gold ins are produced by government entities and have face value. Legal tender status for gold coins means their purity and weight are guaranteed by the issuing government. This allows the government to use harsher counterfeiting laws against those who make fakes.

You might be astonished at the price of gold coins compared to bars when you look at them. The government charges an additional fee called "seigniorage" for legal tender coins. 

The legal tender status of bullion gold coins makes them highly liquid assets, even compared to other gold rounds or bars.