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Giving Out Glass And Crystal Awards At The Office?

There are many reasons to offer our executive office gifts, but many business owners and managers do not know what they ought to search for. If you would like help choosing which sort of crystal glass awards to use for your business, here are some popular options. The choice is often large and overwhelming so start planning early and do not be afraid to ask your crystal awards company for guidance if you are not sure the way to choose one

Upright Crystal Glass Awards: Popular executive office gifts include free-standing plaques made out of glass. The foremost popular shapes are a rectangle or a circle, however, it's possible to seek out unique shapes that include flames, diamonds, obelisks, and curved crescents. You can also buy glass and crystal awards via

Because these plaques have such an outsized area, you'll often engrave them with an extended message, which suggests that they are ideal for major accomplishments, promotions, and retirement celebrations. This provides businesses more freedom to personalize each award, which are some things many companies appreciate.

Functional Crystal Glass Awards: If you are looking for a gift that's functional, also as beautiful, choose one that doubles as a vase, a bowl, or maybe a clock. These are often engraved with names, company logos, dates, and more to commemorate the event. 

Many recipients report that they love these sorts of gifts, primarily because they will use them as a candy dish, to carry flowers, or maybe to carry decorative touches like artificial fruit, holiday decorations, and floating candles. Another popular functional gift may be a set of bookends, especially if the recipient has an office with a bookcase and research books.