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Portability for Waterborne Paint Spraying

If you are considering a portable water spray booth, you may be very concerned about dry weather and the quality of the preservation. On the one hand, water-based paints have a reputation for being difficult to work with – or at least require a different approach from traditional solution-based paints.

Second, many questions arise about the ability of portable spray booths to ensure proper airflow and a degree of environmental control to allow for quality cure and accelerated dry weather. You can browse online to get information about thermaire full downdraft paint booth.

After all, many portable spray booth manufacturers are still trying to convince you that their products prevent environmental devices from spraying outside of the portable spray booth, which is not very convenient.

The following introduces the different types of airflow technologies that can be used to dry water-based paints, and explains why taper drafts, which are available as part of portable spray booth installation, make so much sense.

Downdraft spray chamber technology

It is understandable that portable spray booth manufacturers – and paint booth manufacturers in general – have been trying to adapt traditional bottom chamber chambers as the market shifts from solvent-based to water-based paints to soften volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Channel.

Cross flow spray technology

By creating a horizontal airflow, the chamber directs the airflow transversely through the paint and not in that direction. It is suitable for water coating. However, the cross-flow airflow model is more likely to taint paint performance by blowing excess spray from one end of the paint booth to the other.