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Facts About Magnetic Field Therapy Treatment

Pulsed magnetic field therapy

Further research in magnet therapy in the nineteenth century led to the finding that pulsed magnetic fields enable the body's cells to vibrate. In the sixties, surgeon Fritz Lechner and physicist Werner Krauss developed a method to stimulate positive, using pulsed magnetic fields, damaged cells.

Magnetic field treatment was applied to stimulate callus formation in bone fractures. Due to the pulsed magnetic oscillations, the oxygen absorption of the body's cells is improved, energy metabolism is increased and the body's defenses are stimulated.

Effect of electromagnetic pulse therapy.

The smallest "living" segment of a human being is the cell. There are about 100 trillion cells in each human being. All cells must be supplied with oxygen and nutrients, have different functions, and must also expel waste.

There is electric voltage, the so-called membrane potential, between the outside and inside of the cell membrane. Cells constantly communicate with each other. Poor diet, pollution, stress and much more can negatively affect the membrane potential, which is typically a voltage of 70 – which has a 90 millivolt effect.

As a result, they are unable to do their job properly and provide vital energy to the cells. Excess stress such as smoking, alcohol, or similar can cause symptoms such as persistent fatigue, headache, loss of strength, and sleep disturbances.

End of pulsed magnetic field therapy

Vibrating magnet field therapy takes place in a comfortable position when sitting or lying down. The diseased part of the body is carried in a so-called tube, which generates a magnetic field. There is no need to take off any clothing in therapy, but items like jewelry and watches should be discarded. Clothes metal included this is also the store.

Treatment lasts about fifteen to thirty minutes and is usually done two to three times per week. In pulsed magnetic field therapy, this can sometimes be a healing crisis, hence known as another naturopathy (such as homeopathy), a short-term exacerbation of symptoms as a response to treatment by the treating physician. is evaluated.