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How Online HR Software Helps With Employee Training and Development

None of us are born with all the skills that we now have. Everything that we have learnt to do — from wearing clothes to speaking different languages to cooking to driving — has been taught to us by someone.

How is work any different? When you employ someone, do they enter your organization with all the skills that they need to do their job? The obvious answer is no. Employees come with a certain skill set but there are many more things that they have to be taught. In other words, they have to be trained and their skills have to be developed.

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In this article, we'll look at the purposes of training and how online HR software helps with employee training and development.

According to Douglas McGregor, a noted management professor who taught at both the MIT Sloan School of Management and the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, and author of the famous The Human Side of Enterprise, there are three objectives of training:

Acquiring intellectual/job-related knowledge: This is self-explanatory and quite straight-forward. A programmer who knows one language will need to learn more. A new employee has to be taught about the company policies and procedures. A manager needs to be taught the company's appraisal process.

Acquiring manual skills: This is an iterative process that needs to be a mixture of practice and feedback. Instead of leaving your employees to try and figure out everything by themselves, your experts guiding them will significantly hasten the learning process.

Acquiring managerial skills: Instead of hiring managers, it is better to promote them from within the ranks. Not only do you already know the people you will be promoting but it will also serve to improve employee morale. Inculcating managerial skills is not the easiest thing to do, however. Leadership and responsibility can't be taught simply through classroom sessions or group discussions.