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Creative Decorating Options With Abstract Area Rugs

Abstract rugs can have a strong visual impact on a room. Not only does it add color, texture, and interest to décor, it can add a surprising and unexpected element as well. If you want to energize an interior space, then look at the floor to achieve this goal.

Combining multiple layers increases your texture and color options. Overlays also let you design unique and individual decor schemes that will stand out from any other room. You can choose abstract rugs according to your needs.

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Try a neutral color on the bottom with sisal or hemp to tie in the space. Add a thin or thick layer of soft wool for full color. For best effect, make sure the bottom layer is between 12 and 18 inches taller than the top layer for light contrast.


Patterns are available in various colors and designs. Animal models can imitate the skins of animals such as zebras or cheetahs. A striking geometric pattern complements a modern room. Consider options like optical illusions, zigzag lines, cut lines, and abstract patterns in monochrome or light color schemes.

Odd Shapes

Skip standard shapes like circles and rectangles and think of innovative and whimsical shapes instead. The cutouts add visual interest to normal surfaces. The wrong margins can add an unusual touch too.