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All About The Beautiful 6-Light Chandelier

Chandeliers decorate each dwelling. Whether, it's at the dining table or an entrance way, they include a character of course.  But at times it's challenging to obtain the appropriate chandelier for a house. Fortunately, there's a chandelier that fits nicely in any home. The 6-light chandelier, also called F1902 from Murray Feiss is a superbly designed fixture. 

It's a component of the Chateau show that Murray Feiss has created. It was inspired by the expansive Chateaus of France. Its square tube curls lyrically play into one another since the hands polished glass crystals punctuate every curl. You can check out various types of 6-light chandeliers online.

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This fixture is tasteful, but this is just one "crystal" chandelier which isn't overly  fancy. Most crystal chandeliers are outrageously costly and just belong into the fanciest of homes.  But this fixture provides a sense of sophistication to the space, without overpowering the rest of the decoration. The item comes at a Mocha Bronze finish that provides a rustic look to the fixture. 

The end is quite neutral, so regardless of what colour your area is, this fixture will probably suit.  The fixture has quite standard dimensions that readily fit in most houses. The chandelier has a string length of 60 inches, the height is 30 inches with a diameter of 25 inches round, and the cable length is 180 inches.  The lamps need six 60 watt A-Line Candelabra bulbs.

This is a moderate sized chandelier, therefore it can be set in just about any size area. The 6-light chandelier will look amazing in dining rooms, entrance ways, and entertainment rooms. Not only is it beautiful, elegant, and tasteful, but it's also very well made. In the event that you should alter the color or the decoration in your area, this fixture will be the best fit.