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Business Email Marketing Software That Works

If you're looking for business email marketing software that works, you've come to the right place. Today there are many different email programs that you can use to send group messages. You can also get the best business email marketing software from various sources over the internet.

Which is the best? Here are 3 different messaging marketing options including a monthly subscription service and software you can use at home. 

Constant Contact: Constant Contact is a marketing service whose plans start at around $15 per month. They have been around since 1996 and provide email marketing services as well as online research services. They send out newsletters, offer promotions by email, access guides and tips, and many other resources.

iContact: iContact's marketing services start at around $10 per month. Their services include email templates, email research tools, blogging tools, RSS integration, and more to help you create and launch email marketing software campaigns. They claim the 98% delivery rate is due to the email boom.

Instant desktop sender: Instant desktop sender is a revolutionary corporate email marketing software that allows users to create, send and monitor email campaigns/newsletters right from their desktop. This tool bypasses ALL spam filters, so you are 100% guaranteed to get delivered. 

In short, constant contact and iContact are monthly subscription marketing services, while desktop sender is business email marketing software that you upload to your desktop during the process. 

All three are designed to help people just like you – create permission-based messaging marketing campaigns, send them to your marketing list, and track their delivery success.