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Streamlining Customer Service With Bots

If you have been using Facebook applications for any length of time, you have probably heard the term "Facebook Chatbot or Bots". This Facebook application is new and different from the other applications out there. However, if you haven't heard of it yet, you just might. Bots are going to completely replace desktop programs.

Facebook Messenger Bot is a Facebook application that is available free for everyone. You basically use it as an alternative chat bot for Facebook. Chat bots will be replacing email marketing in the near future. Also, Facebook Chatbot will be completely replacing customer service reps.

While you read this article, you may even be using Facebook Messenger Bot as your Sephora integrator. I use it all the time to promote products, services, affiliates, etc., on Facebook. There's a huge list of integration products that you can get access to once you sign up for Facebook, but Sephora is by far my favorite. It's a really great Facebook messenger bot that allows you to sell anything on Facebook in just a few clicks.

As I've said before, bots will be completely replacing email marketing in the near future. You might not know this, but email campaigns are dying plain and simple. People hate spam, it's true. Email marketing has been around for ages, but it's never had a good overhaul until Facebook decided to kill it completely with their new bot system, fbms. This means no more email campaigns from your companies like Shopify, PayDotCom, etc. Ever heard of anyone recommending anything like that? Probably not, so here's why:

Email marketing is outdated and doesn't provide much help to your company's bottom line. It used to be, way back when, but these days everyone uses the internet, mobile phones have cell phones, etc. The main reason people still use email is because of the one-to-one contact aspect of it, but that's pretty much a thing of the past now. No more "one-on-one" type of communication between a customer service rep and a potential customer. Not only are you competing with thousands of other businesses for every person that has an email address, but the quality of customer service they provide usually rivals the competition. So basically, when you're sending out emails, all you're really doing is trying to convince someone to click on your link.

With the rise of Facebook's messenger marketing capabilities, marketers realized something was wrong. They were losing lots of leads because of a couple of different reasons like bad branding and poor engagement and conversion rate. Bad branding means that many of your customers didn't know your logo or they misjudged the kind of business you were doing. This is a major problem because no matter how great your website is if no one knows your logo or you haven't differentiated yourself from the rest of the pack, you're just another website. Poor engagement and conversion rates are because the people who get your emails either don't like your message or they misjudge your product.

All of these problems were solved with Facebook's new chat blasting tool like the Facebook Messenger Bot. This bot will automate everything for you, from building custom messages to sending out mass email blasts and from scheduling messages to sharing them with your subscribers. And best of all, it integrates seamlessly into Facebook so you can send anything from Facebook itself. And best of all, it also gives you the ability to advertise to people who are on your list, something that cta couldn't do before.

The best part about integrating this bot app into your digital marketing strategy is that you can use it for any product you want to market. Whether it's a new product you're trying to promote or just a rebranding of an old product, you can use the Facebook Messenger Bot for everything. You can even use it to promote events and share valuable information with your customers. All you need to do to set it up is to add a Facebook account for your customers so you can access the bot app from anywhere. It's a really simple solution to a complex problem, and now you can take advantage of the bot to streamline your customer service.