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Separation Anxiety In Dogs-How To Deal With It?

Separation anxiety is a problem that many dog owners struggle with. This is one of the main causes of an unhappy dog's behavior. Excessive barking at you when you go out of the house is a sign of separation anxiety. This behavior can be so disruptive that neighbors may become concerned.

Sources of separation anxiety disorder in pets


Dogs are social animals. Dogs have an attachment to their master. This attachment causes them to be hyper agitated when they are left alone. Important to remember that anxiety is not caused solely by attachment to the master. 

It can also be caused by certain actions or patterns of events that you take that may connect to your departure. Although dogs don't like to be left behind, it isn't directly related to your departure.

Your dog's anxiety may actually be due to the attention you give it when you return home or before you leave. Your dog will quickly become bored with the same activities each time you leave. Dogs love to watch you, and that is one of their favorite things. 

Your dog will naturally learn your routine of pre-departure rituals. Your dog will be able to sense that you are leaving by recognizing your own sequence of events. It will be anxious and agitated as it knows what your next move is.

Your dog's anxiety issues should be controlled before they become a problem. Do not pet them before or after you arrive. To keep your dog free from separation anxiety, do not allow them to make a connection between your pre-departure activities and the attention you give.