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Playing With Your Preschool Child

Children learn so much through play and I believe that this is the way in which they will acquire the skills and knowledge. There are different types of games such as badminton, running, cricket, and many more other games, these are beneficial to our children. You can also look for the best international school for your kids via

Fantasy Play:

Fantasy play is a type of non-realistic play in which children take on different roles and enact various situations.

This hasn’t changed over the years from when their own parents were young. They love to dress up in oversize clothing and can spend hours with a cardboard box! It is also great fun for them to play fantasy figures, usually characters that they have seen in films or had read to them in books.

Messy Play:

Spending time playing with play dough, plasticine, sand, and water helps young children explore the properties of different materials.

It can have a calming, soothing effect on them when they are overexcited and help them to be creative. Supervised play with sand, water, or paints is a lovely way of allowing children to be messy and explore without the usual restrictions imposed upon them.

I have used many materials in this sort of play, potatoes with cut out shapes, sponges, straws, feet, and, of course, the favorite paint accompaniment, hands!

Playing with friends:

This teaches children how to cooperate, to develop social skills, and develop a sense of another person’s needs. It also gives your child much needed time alone with you. I believe that if a child has your undivided attention for at least a short time during the day they are less likely to be demanding of it all the time. Give them time with you and they will accept time without you. It is also incredible fun, hopefully, one of the reasons we have children is to enjoy them!