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Pilot Testing – Way To Earn Free CPE Credit

Pilot testing can be a great way to earn CPE credit for free or at a low cost if you are willing to fill out additional paperwork.

Pilot testing is the act of having volunteers complete a course before it's released to the public. You can check here some of the CPE courses that you can choose for you. 

Pilot testing can be done for CPAs to determine how many CPE credits they will receive for self-study CPE courses. This is determined based on average completion times. Pilot testing is no longer common because the AICPA/NASBA regulations allow for the use of word count formulas in determining credit hours.

What are the expectations of participants?

While regulations regarding specific procedures are set by the state's Board of Public Accounting each state, most states require that tester:

1. 1.Report the time it took to complete the course exams and read the course materials.

2. 2.Submit a Statement of Independence to the Program Development Group

3. Send a standard course assessment

4. Score 70% or higher on the final exam

CPE providers expect to be notified of any errors in course materials or exams as well as any confusion or ambiguous questions that are asked on exams.

Participation is free.

CPE courses that are based on online materials usually come with no cost. You may need to buy the book if the course is based on a book. You may be able to buy the book at your own expense or receive credit for other courses. Some providers send you the materials which you must return once you have completed the course.

What is the number of people in a test group?

AICPA/NASBA (American Institute of Public Accounting/National Association of State Accounting Boards), CPE Standards require that each pilot be completed by at least three people. CPE providers aim for participation levels of 10 or less. 

This is because you will need approximately 10 courses completed to achieve a reasonable average completion time. Because some CPAs may not complete the course, more than 10 CPAs are usually invited to participate.