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Opt For SEO Marketing Agency in London

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be challenging and complex. At times, it can be a bit over-complicated as there are more than hundreds of variables working together to ascertain the final placement of your website on the major search engines. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to find yourself lost in the algorithm puzzle.

Thankfully, if you are aware of the pillars of an effective strategy, you will be able to simplify things for yourself. Continue reading for a brief explanation of the pillars.

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Defining SEO and its best practices Status Labs

Technical SEO: Technical SEO is considered daunting, but without it, you cannot make sure that a search engine will be able to explore your website and read your content. The most important areas to consider here are crawling, indexing, mobile-friendly, page load speed, and smooth navigation.

By paying attention to these factors, you can ensure to give your website visitors a superior user experience and allow search engines to understand what your website is all about so that your ranking position can be improved.

On-site SEO: For your SEO marketing strategy to work, you need to optimize your website as a whole, as well as, at an individual page level. You must focus on keyword research, page titles, descriptive URLs, meta descriptions, good UX, content optimization, structured data markup, and powerful call to actions. When you are optimizing your website and web pages, do not forget to take into consideration your target audience.