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Marketing Courses From Coursera

The following are a collection of free online marketing courses focusing on a variety of topics related to internet marketing. The list here contains several free online marketing courses in several disciplines and niches. If you enjoy being creative, you could dig into one discipline in particular, such as this one "Available" by Skillsoft.

Here's a quick list of the topics covered in this free course:

Coursera: Introduction to Social Media Marketing Coursera is a five-day course that starts with an introduction to social media marketing. The next stage covers topics like digital marketing fundamentals, market analysis and strategy, search engine optimization, link building, and landing pages. After the course, students will be able to apply what they have learned using online market research or survey and will be able to write detailed summaries. There is an optional internship after this second phase of the course, and after that, the students will be able to apply for jobs at major companies via Coursera.

Marketing with Google Analytics It is a free online marketing courses offered by Google Incorporated. The main focus of the course is to familiarize and train people with Google analytics, an essential part of web marketing. The course is divided into three main sessions, each aimed at a specific segment of the market like Internet users, Internet marketers, and search engine marketers. The first session introduces the basics of Google Analytics and provides links to its sister products such as Google site Explorer and Google Webmaster Tools. This session may also introduce one-click login, Google Insights, Google Trends, and Google AdWords.

Social Media Week This is a two-day training course on social media analytics offered by SharePoint, a Microsoft-owned company. The social media week focuses on five key areas like privacy, brand strategy, discovery, performance, and engagement. The courses are taught via online videos, webinars, and conferences. There is a self-paced registration process.

Self-pacing This is an eight-week course that covers everything about online marketing courses. The topics include search engine optimization, online advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, web analytics, and affiliate marketing. The course consists of eight weekly modules. The first module focuses on online advertising, which includes research methods, advertising platforms, and measurement methods. The next module covers social media marketing, which includes articles, video marketing, and mobile marketing. The third module is about search engine optimization, which includes SEO techniques, link building, and keyword research.

A digital marketing course can be completed in six short modules. The first module introduces the students to the basics of the industry. It then walks the students through digital marketing strategies. Next, it goes on to discuss digital marketing tools, including SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing, and mobile marketing. After the first module, the training moves to managing data and tracking results.

Coursera has recently integrated a new module called "Analytics for Digital Marketing Specialization". This module gives additional hands-on practice in digital marketing. It introduces the use of analytics to track customer satisfaction, which is necessary when offering services. Finally, the modules examine CRM tools and explore topics such as brand strategy and customer loyalty programs.

These are just a few of the subjects covered in these courses. Each module focuses on a specific market motive, whether it is profit, loss, and satisfaction. The topics also cover different types of customers, and how the various techniques of marketing can be utilized to reach them. The modules also touch upon the importance of analytics for reaching the market motive, and the benefits derived from its use. It would be a good idea for students to purchase a copy of the e-book that was released along with the course so that they can get a comprehensive overview of the course.