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Kitchen Countertops in Austin – The Beautiful and Practical Choices

The time of basic, colored or patterned Formica as the only choices for kitchen countertops are over. There are an array of new types of surfaces available today that it may be hard to choose on the best kitchen countertop for your kitchen.

The variety of surfaces you choose will depend on just how your countertops are utilized. If you use your beautiful marble kitchen countertops for food preparation, then you want countertop surfaces that won't chip or pit easily and are scratch-and heat-resistant. (Of course, you will still want to use cutting boards and pot holders for hot dishes).

marble kitchen countertops

If you plan for your countertops to retain your small appliances and/or cooking utensils holders, you can pick a different type of countertop surface. You will still need to keep in mind that some small appliances such as toasters, fat-reducing grills, and small microwave ovens designed to sit on countertops may still emit heat and may damage a surface that is not heat-resistant.

Follow these tips when choosing your new kitchen countertops:

1. Ask yourself how difficult (or easy) the surface will be to keep clean. Individual tiles are beautiful, whether used on the entire countertop surface, or placed in a particular pattern at gaps along the length of the countertop. Nonetheless, you will need to clean the grout between the tiles regularly, just as you do your bathroom tiles, in order to keep the countertops looking good.

2. Ceramic, marble, porcelain, and other comparable materials produce exquisite countertops, however, they do tend to chip, crack, and break easier than other materials. And, in some cases, it doesn't require an extreme amount of force to damage these surfaces. Additionally, you may find that minor accidents like a glass bowl slipping from your hands will result in a shattered mess.

3. Flat countertop surfaces are the easiest to clean and keep sanitary. You don't have to settle for a plain-looking surface, however. Many smooth countertop surfaces can produce a very pleasant appearance to any kitchen décor.