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Important Facts About Citizenship By Investment

About Residency and Citizenship

These are the most common questions regarding Citizenship by Investment (CBI) and other immigration programs. Keep in mind that requirements can vary from one country to another, so only the most general questions will be answered. We've compiled the top most frequently asked questions and answers about residency & citizenship

What is citizenship by investment?

Citizenship by Investment (CBI), is a process that allows you to acquire citizenship quickly and a passport by making investments. These investments can take the form of donations or real estate. Usually, they start at $100,000.

The citizenship perks are also available to family members. The CBI programs have been around since the 1980s. However, their popularity exploded after 2010. This was due to increased globalization and tourism, as well as more people wanting to travel freely without visas.

What is the cost to become a citizen or a resident?

Citizenship starts at USD 100,000 EUR 250,000 for the Golden Visa Program. Unfortunately, we cannot assist clients with less than this.

Is it better to have residency than citizenship?

A residency program is good for you if you don't want citizenship or your country does not allow dual nationality. For dual citizenship questions, please seek legal advice

What's the difference between applying through an Agent and a Lawyer?

Agents cannot give advice on immigration. Only lawyers are qualified. Lawyers can also handle notary work and apostille as well as incorporations, oaths, and certifications. Engaging a lawyer can save you both time and money.