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How To Pass the ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension Exam?

The paragraph comprehension test is one of the nine sections of the ASVAB test. Many ASVAB candidates find the paragraph comprehension test difficult, but with proper long-term preparation, you can also assess this part of the paragraph comprehension test via andysasvabclass.

As the name suggests, this exam includes an in-depth understanding of how to interpret paragraphs; its general meaning, how to interpret individual words in a given context, and how exactly details are extracted from a paragraph.

The Paragraph Comprehension section evaluates your analytical and critical thinking skills when presented with a limited amount of data. The test consists of 50 practical questions with explained answers. 

Types of questions include: Deductive – defines the purpose of the selected text Objective – justifies the purpose of the selected text Glossary – correctly identifies the definition of the selected words based on the context of the selected text.

Because if you feel that exams have nothing to do with your long career, you will not be motivated to study for exams. The reality is that having a thorough understanding of paragraphs is a key tool for many different careers – including military careers.

Throughout your career – be it military or almost anything else – you will be expected to read or review reports. If you have relatively poor paragraph comprehension skills, the more likely you are to misinterpret or, worse, not be able to interpret the details you need to know.