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What and how much a Muslim need to know about Islam? This question arises in newcomers when they enter the circle of religion Islam. The knowledge of religion Islam is very vast and detailed.

But few things which a Muslim must remember are few vital steps that keep his faith and make him a true Muslim. Whenever needed you can learn quran online via

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The prior thing is to believe in the oneness of our lord; Allah. It is essential to make your belief strong that to have strong faith that Allah has no relation and no siblings, and no parents. He is the only example of his own.

He is divine light and no one can meet His grandness. Secondly, to have faith in the Holy Prophit PBUH; that he is the last messenger of Allah.

This means that there will never come any prophet or messenger; ever till qayamat and this universe presence. Thirdly, we must have full belief in Holy Quran; it is the sacred Holy book of Allah.

Allah is responsible for the safety of His book and house (Kaaba). Fourthly, Muslims must have complete belief in the angels of Allah. The angels; who do different tasks for Allah.

And the fifth one that Muslims compulsory have faith in their fortunes, whether it is good or bad; all circumstances we bear in life are because of Allah's will.

We totally depend on Allah in this matter. These are few things a Muslim must know and also learn about these pillars of religion Islam.