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Finger OR Thumb Sucking Habit Among Kids

Sucking on a finger or thumb is healthy and normal when children are very young. Most children stop at two to four years of age. For many children, sucking on a doll, thumb, or finger can cause changes in their teeth and jaw.

The younger the child stops, the more likely it is that the teeth and jaw will naturally correct growth problems. If you wish to purchase a thumb suction protector to help stop thumb suction, you can purchase it from various sites like

Stop sucking your thumb with thumb sucking appliance:

  • If the child is still sucking on the cocoon, thumb, or finger as their adult teeth penetrate, the risk of permanent changes to the dentition and jaw is much higher.

  • Problems with sucking your thumb or finger

  • Prolonged thumb sucking can cause:

  • Excess Bite (Teeth) – For example, the front teeth may be pushed forward than they should. It can change the shape of the face

An open bite is a problem of mismatching the lower front teeth and upper teeth when the mouth is closed (usually the upper teeth slightly overlap the lower teeth). If there is a gap between the upper and lower front teeth that the tongue can enter, it may be an open bite.

Preschoolers who suck on their fingers and thumbs to push teeth out of their normal positions. This can prevent the formation of certain speech sounds properly.