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Difference Between Slugs, Land Snails and Pond Snails

What is the difference between land snails, slugs, and pond snails? Land snails are smaller than slugs and have a more slender body. Slugs have a wider body and are often less colorful. Pond snails are the largest of the three and can be quite colorful. They also have a higher shell than land snails or slugs. To find out more facts and information about slug & snail, you can check online sources.


different types of snails


The main difference between land snails, slugs, and pond snails is size. Slugs are the smallest of the three, while pond snails are the largest. The other main difference is color. Land snails are often less colorful than slugs, and pond snails can be quite colorful. The third main difference is the shape of their shells. Slugs have a more slender body shape than land snails, and pond snails have a higher shell shape than either of the other two species of snail.

Snail’s food consists of plants and decaying organic matter. Most pond snails are herbivores, eating plant material in the ground. They widely spread their giant, sticky foot foraging tentacles to capture small bits of vegetation. Some snails feed on algae and detritus, which include feces and dead animals. 

Hope, knowing the different types of snails will help you identify them more easily and avoid any potential problems.